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Australian Pages

The Insectarium of Victoria’s home page.
Visit the home page of the Insectarium of Victoria. The IOV is the only insectarium in southern Australia and provides education services to over 10,000 school students each year.

CSIRO Division of Entomology (Australia)
A wealth of information about Australia’s Scientific Research organisation in the areas of entomology.

Dr Don Ewart’s termite pages
Everything you wanted to know about the order Isoptera, including a description of the families and references on how to control their “pest” like tendancies.

Australian Butterflies Photographed
Geoff Walker’s photographic exploits in Lepidoptera.

Guide to Insect Collecting
What do you usually do when you see an insect? If you’re like most people you’ll probably wave your hand to make it go away or, in some cases, try and quash it. While many of us try to ‘deal’ with them, some people prefer to preserve insects and find beauty in them. Insect collecting is a fairly popular educational hobby. It is not a hobby just for children; it was considered a popular adult hobby in the Victorian age. References to insect collecting can be found in the literature and poetry.

Ellura Sanctuary
Ellura is a private Sanctuary in the Murray Mallee, South Australia, near Swan Reach Conservation Park, that we bought in June 2012.

Teaching Kids About the Importance of Honeybees
Useful link to help teach kids about honeybees.

Leaf Beetles of Australia
A listing, with pictures, of the main genera of Chrysomelidae.

Buprestidae pages
These beetles are the jewels in the entomological crown of the animal kingdom. A listing of Buprestidae.

Buprestidae of South Australia
A comprehensive list of South Australian Jewel Beetles.

Insects of Tasmania
This website is focused on Tasmania’s unique insect flora and has a number of aims,
– to be of use to the scientific, educational and general community
– to have a focus on Tasmanian insects, but be useful Australia wide
– to be accessible on any computer platform and also mobile devices
– to be accessible at all levels, and differentiate for different ages and stages
– to be a resource that highlights the overwhelming diversity of our local insects, and their complex lifestyles
– to display quality photographs and (often dubious quality) video of mostly-live insects in, to a large extent, their natural habitat
– to increase awareness, and hopefully engender a respect for our six legged cohabiters

Cockroach Facts
Cockroach facts for kids. This website has information about cockroaches, a few other pests, and the important job of getting rid of pests when they invade and threaten your home. You’ll also learn some things to respect about cockroaches and why not all cockroaches (like the ones that stay out of your house) are bad.

Entomological Information

Catalogue of Australian Butterflies: Wings and Stings, and Victorian Entomologist.

Overseas Pages

Gordon’s Entomological Home Page.
A fantastic home page with extensive links to other entomological web sites, other societies, details on insect evolution, anatomy, classification etc. etc. complete with superb images and formatting!

“The Bug Club is a club for children and the young at heart who find bugs (i.e. insects and other invertebrates) fascinating and want to learn more about them. It was originally set up by Dr Clive Betts with help from the Royal Entomological Society and is now run on a voluntary basis by a group of graduates and undergraduates at the University of Exeter.”

Entomological Society of Ontario
A well set out Home Page from a Society which was formed in 1863 making it the oldest entomological society in Canada.

British Butterfly Conservation Society
A Society dedicated to saving wild butterflies and their habitats with a membership of about 10,000 (yes… ten thousand!).

Learning about Insects on the Playground
A useful page to help children to learn about insects.

Entomology at Home: Guide to Identifying House and Yard Insects
A beginners guide to Entomology from USA.

Other Societies

The following is a list of some other entomological and related societies in Australia:

The Butterfly and Other Invertebrates Club
The Hon. Secretary,
P.O.Box 2113, Runcorn,
Queensland 4113
The Butterfly and Other Invertebrates Club was founded in 1994 and caters for people with an interest in invertebrates. It is based in Brisbane but has members Australia-wide and overseas. Field trips are conducted during the warmer months of the year. Each quarter, the Club publishes a high quality colour magazine “Metamorphosis Australia.” Its butterfly host plant book is very popular. The BOIC works with other community organisations and with councils to promote the restoration of habitats and encouragement of greater biodiversity.

The Australian Entomological Society
Box 787, Canberra ACT 2601

Entomological Society of New South Wales
The Hon. Secretary,
Entomological Society of New South Wales,
c/- Entomology Department,
Australian Museum,
College Street, Sydney 2000.

Entomological Society of Queensland
Membership enquiries should be directed to the Honorary Secretary,
Entomological Society of Queensland,
C/- Department of Entomology,
University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD. 4072

The Australian Arachnological Society
Richard J. Faulder, Agricultural Institute,
Yanco, NSW, 2703.

The Society for Insect Studies
c/o Mr G. Owen, 12 Park Avenue,
Roseville NSW 2069
URL: The Society for Insect Studies

Western Australian Insect Study Society Inc.
c/o Western Australian Museum
Locked Bag 49
Welshpool DC, Western Australia 6986,