The Entomological Society of Victoria invites your Society to nominate a suitable candidate for the Le Souef Memorial Award. Due by 30th September 2020.

The purpose of the Award is to recognize the very substantial role played by amateurs in the development of knowledge of our insect fauna, this is to be interpreted in the broadest sense. The Award is to be made for contributions to entomology by amateurs in Australia. Such contributions may comprise published papers and notes, broadcasts, newspaper articles, talks to Societies and/or amateur groups, or may be less tangible, such as a substantial record of help to others or public relations involving entomology. No more than one award shall be made in each calendar year.

Nominations may be made at any time, by any individual or group of people, and should be submitted to the Secretary of the Society, by 30 September. Nominations received after the closing date may have to be deferred until the following year. A nomination will remain current for three successive calendar years or annual meetings of the Council, unless an award is made to that nominee, and additional information may be provided to supplement the nomination at any time during this period. Such shall not be considered to constitute a new application. After three years, a candidate may be nominated afresh. No person may receive the award more than once in a ten year period.

Income from a Trust Fund finances the Award and, currently, it comprises books or entomological equipment (of the winner’s choosing) to the value of $250.

Content of the Nomination

A nomination should give the Committee sufficient information to assess the nominee’s worthiness for receipt of the Award. It should include:

a) The name and full postal address of both nominee and nominator.

b) A clear statement of the grounds on which the nomination is being made. (max 300 words)
(i) the period over which the contribution has been made
(ii) the details of the contribution, lists of publications (etc.)
(iii) comments on allied activities such as involvement in naturalist or conservation groups and help to other entomologists, collections made (etc.) and
(iv) a declaration that these activities have been made in an amateur capacity. Copies of publications (on loan) could be useful.

c) A brief resume/curriculum vitae of the candidate. (1 page)

d) The names, contact addresses and telephone numbers of at least two (2) referees not involved in the nomination.

Any additional enquiries and Nominations should be sent to:


Emerging Amateur Award

The contributions of young or recent members of our entomological community are vital and worthy of recognition and encouragement. To recognise this valuable contribution, the special category of Emerging Amateur Award was created in 2020.

    The conditions are as follows:

  • In any year, starting with 2020, where the recipient of the Le Souëf Award is an
    established amateur entomologist.
  • There are one or more deserving nominees who could be classified as ‘emerging’,
    • due to either their youth
    • or due to the limited number of years over which their contribution has yet
      occurred(when compared to the recipient of the main award)
  • The Lesouëf committee may choose to award a single special ‘Emerging Amateur’
    award which will consist of a certificate and a bursary plus the opportunity to
    contribute an article to the Victorian Entomologist.

The first recipient of this award was Andrew Wallace, of WA, in December 2020.

History of the Le Souef Award

Extract from the Victorian Entomologist

Past Recipients

(Year, name, locality, volume and page number of the Victorian Entomologist)

1983 Keith Hateley Vic 13:35
1984 Geoff. A. Williams NSW 15:2
1985 Max Moulds NSW 16:2
1986 Andrew Atkins Vic 16:69
1987 Bert Brunet NSW 17:100
1988 Robert H. Fisher SA 19:3
1989 Gunther Theischinger NSW 19:98
1990 Deniss Reeves Qld 20:6
1993 Peter Kelly Vic 23:20
1996 Bob Hay WA 27:5
1998 Bert Brunet NSW 29:3
1999 Hugh Bollam WA 30:15
2006 Peter McMillan WA 37:27
2013 Peter Marriott Vic 44:2
2019 Ken Harris Vic 50:11
2020 Paul Hutchinson WA 51:5